our Story

The story behind Da Queen's Company is as unusual as the year it was born into - 2020. It is a story of Idea, Inspiration, Hope and Entrepreneurship at a time when the world was grappling with a pandemic.

Women always been hard on themselves, they compromised by choosing plastic pads, which gives rashes and itchiness during those period days.

With the idea of offering rash free and comfortable period days experience and taking inspiration from Founder's own search for rash-free, cotton sanitary napkin for those days of a month, Da Queen launched Qpad, a range of soft cotton quality sanitary pads after extensive research.

It is a story of hope, not just to break the stigma around menstruation and start conversation around it, but also hope to create a community of bold women with a strong sense of sisterhood.

When you buy our products, you not only choose a quality product for yourself but also stand up for entrepreneurial spirit and become a partner in our growth story and be that catalyst of change.